Information about combinatorial testing in the real world

This is a site dedicated to advancing awareness of the benefits of pairwise and other combinatorial software testing techniques, methods, and tools.  Our focus is on the practical application of these techniques in the real world by testing practitioners.     

The benefits of moving from commonly practiced "intuition-based" methods of test case selection to adopting combinatorial testing approaches are powerful, repeatable, and easier to achieve than ever before, given the availability of user-friendly tools.  Despite this, awareness among many testing professionals remains relatively low.  The benefits of combinatorial testing include:
  • Dramatically increased test execution efficiency (e.g., often more than twice as many defects found per tester hour)
  • Better quality (e.g., more defects found overall)
  • Better phase containment (e.g., defects found earlier in the SDLC when it is cheaper to fix them)
  • Increased speed to market
  • Reduced cost of both testing and bug fixing
Despite the nature of the broad assertions above, we are firmly committed to collecting and distributing objective, specific, and quantified data about combinatorial testing.  If you have compared the effectiveness of using combinatorial testing approaches to the effectiveness of traditional, intuition-based test case selection approaches and tracked the results, please contact us or complete one of our concise forms to share your case study.